Welcome to the Stickteck DRUMMERZ™ shop. You might already have guessed we sell drumsticks, but these aren't just any drumsticks. These drumsticks help turn your iPad or tablet in to your own personal drum set. How cool is that?

It doesn't matter if you're a seasoned pro or just always dreamed of being the next drumming legend our DRUMMERZ™ drumsticks will help you play wherever you are. Whether you're sitting on the train to work, taking that long flight to some far off land, chilling on the beach or in the comfort of your own home it doesn't matter. What matters is that you want to play, to experience and to feel the beat.

Following months of testing (we haven't yet managed to break an iPad with them) and refinement we're now in a position to open our doors and let you share the magic. Made from state-of-the-art conductive elastomeric materials, DRUMMERZ™ Tablet Drumsticks are flexible, safe and sensitive enough for rocking out on your tablet without damaging it.

What's even better is that there's loads of free apps available to use them with including Garage Band®, Drum pad™, Drumz™,
Drums Deluxe™, ICanDrum Pro™, Indian Hand DrumHD™, African Drum Master™, Mandala Hand Drum™ and many more.

With that background info all taken care of there's now only one thing left to say; Rock On!