Latest happenings at DRUMMERZ HQ May 07 2013

It's been a couple of weeks since we wrote our last post and lots has been happening in the world of DRUMMERZ. For the week of April 30th we were included in Macworld's "ioS Accessories" round-up so a big thanks to them. We also recently hit the big 300 fan mark on our Facebook Page and we're still growing.

What else happened? Well, we launched a Teespring campaign with the following design. So far there's only 2 of the required 50 orders to get these printed so we'd really appreciate your help. Show off to your friends and family what being a DRUMMERZ fan is all about!

There have also been a few promotions on our Facebook Page, make sure you've clicked the "like" button on there so you don't miss any future promos and specials. Also, a big congratulations to Michael Fletcher who is the first person to win a set of DRUMMERZ through the "Instant Win" competition on our Facebook Page. 

 Anything we missed? Oh yes, our friend Chris Pirillo gave us a shout out in one of his Vlog episodes, you can watch it here.

That's it for now and we'll try not to leave it so long before the next update.Stay tuned!