Thank you for purchasing a set of DRUMMERZ™ drumsticks.   We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!  We are excited to bring this new experience to a touch screen device near you and have included information below to get you started. 


How to play

DRUMMERZ™ can be used right out of the box. They may be used with any percussion or drum app on your touch screen tablet or smart phone. Try them on your favorite gaming app!

For best results, turn up speaker volume or attach headphones or an external speaker. This will magnify the sound of the drums for top notch performance.

For the best responsiveness, DRUMMERZ™ includes a set of tips for extreme playing.  Simply snap the tips to the ends of your DRUMMERZ™ drumsticks and play.

DRUMMERZ™ are best used with a good grip, allowing the surface area of your palm and fingers to touch the stick.



DRUMMERZ™ drumsticks have been tested with the following apps: Garage Band®, Drum Kit™, Drum pad™, Drumz™, Pocket Drums™, Pocket Drums2™, Drums Deluxe™ ICanDrum Pro™, Indian Hand DrumHD™, African Drum Master™, Mandala Hand Drum™and many more.

DRUMMERZ™ work with the following devices: Ipad, Ipad Mini, Ipod Touch, Iphone (all versions), Adroid tablets and phones.


General Disclaimer

Choking hazard: The separate moving parts of DRUMMERZ™ tips are a choking hazard. Keep away from young children. Do not place or leave the product within the reach of young children.  

Use of DRUMMERZ™ may leave minor smudge marks on your screen. To remove smudges, wipe the screen with a soft, dry cloth or other material as directed by the tablet or smart phone manufacturer.

Stickteck™ is not responsible for any damage or loss of data resulting from use of this product.

If you are using a protective screen on your touch screen, you may experience a different tablet drumming experience while playing.

The playing experience on your tablet touch screen may vary depending on the application you are using. DRUMMERZ™ are designed for use on capacitive touch screen devices and any drumming or percussion application. DRUMMERZ™ can work with other applications as well.